Ultimate Cleaning Checklist: A Room-By-Room Cleaning Guide

Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

When you hire professional cleaners, you deserve the highest level of service and attention to detail. Spending your hard-earned money to keep your home clean should guarantee results that you’re happy with. 

But what cleaning tasks or services should you expect a professional cleaning company to provide? Vella uses room by room, cleaning checklists on every job to ensure that the entire space is cleaned to the homeowner’s satisfaction, and we’re more than happy to share what’s on them. 

In this article, we’re sharing our ultimate cleaning list.  You can use the tasks on these lists as a reference to compare our services against other companies.

But before we jump into each cleaning checklist by room, let’s first answer a few frequently asked questions about how we clean.

What Are the Basic Rules When Cleaning a Room Area?

At Vella, when we tackle any room in your home, we follow a set of fundamental rules to ensure a thorough and effective clean. Here’s what you can expect from us when we clean any space in your house:

  1. Declutter: We start by removing any items that don’t belong in the room, creating a tidy space that is easier to clean.
  2. Dust: We work from top to bottom, ensuring all surfaces, including high shelves and light fixtures, are dust-free.
  3. Clean Your Surfaces: Once dusting is complete, we focus on cleaning all surfaces, from countertops to floors, using non-toxic cleaning products.
  4. Organize Items: As the final step in our room cleaning checklist, we neatly organize and place items back in their designated spots.

By following these four basic guidelines, we ensure that your space is clean, organized, and inviting.

How Do You Deep Clean a Room in Order to Achieve a Spotless Shine?

When we embark on a deep clean of any home, our ultimate cleaning checklist involves a few additional, meticulous steps beyond a basic clean.

First, we start by addressing the windows and window sills. We always use non-toxic cleaning products and all-natural microfiber cloths to ensure a streak-free shine. This instantly brightens your room.

Next, we move to the walls and baseboards. We wipe away any marks or dust in these often-overlooked places that may have accumulated over time.

Lastly, we polish any metal or wooden surfaces and pay extra attention to any other areas that may need extra attention. For example, we can deep clean your appliances upon request.

Now that you know a little more about our process for cleaning your home, let’s get to our room by room cleaning checklist.

Room Cleaning Checklist: The Bathroom

The bathroom is an area that can’t be overlooked, either by homeowners or by cleaning professionals. Harmful bacteria lurk in unclean bathrooms, and they could cause someone in your home to get sick if they’re allowed to multiply. 

While general bathroom cleaning is relatively simple, Vella doesn’t settle for what’s easiest. The baseline cleaning tasks included in our basic package ensure that all bathrooms get the attention they need. That means:

  • Clean, sanitized sinks and counters
  • Sparkling fixtures
  • Spotless showers and tubs
  • Fully sanitized and detailed toilets

As a part of our ultimate cleaning checklist, we can scrub and brighten bathroom grout. Whichever package you pick, you can rest assured that our house cleaning checklist covers all the bathroom bases.

Room Cleaning Checklist: The Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean can feel like a never ending project. But with professional help, you can get back to a healthy baseline and stop stressing about keeping your kitchen hygienic and looking great.

The Vella ultimate cleaning checklist pulls no punches when it comes to kitchens. Our housekeepers will:

  • Load the dishwasher
  • Hand wash and dry any non-dishwasher-safe dishes
  • Clean and sanitize sinks and countertops
  • Detail appliance exteriors
  • Shine fixtures

Although other cleaning companies also offer these services, all of our packages come with something they can’t provide: our unique brand of skill, expertise, and professionalism.

Room Cleaning Checklist: The Living Room

The living room can be tricky for homeowners to clean on their own since its furnishings tend to camouflage dirt, grime, stains, and other messes. But that doesn’t mean it deserves less attention.

Make sure your ultimate cleaning checklist always includes the following tasks:

  • Dusting furniture
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Cleaning the exteriors of cabinets and drawers
  • Removing food residue and trash

Our deep clean package takes it one step further. We’ll see to it that all woodwork, light fixtures, decorative items, and upholstery are properly tended to. It’s our way of going above and beyond to ensure that your home feels clean and healthy.

Put Vella on Your House Cleaning Checklist

You deserve the assistance of professionals with proven experience in their field. When you work with Vella, you’ll know exactly what to expect from each visit, and we’ll always complete every task on the list to your satisfaction.