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Excellence in housekeeping
That’s the Vella way.

Vella is an exceptional cleaning experience that leaves more than just a fresh scent – it leaves a lasting impression.

Fixture clean
Pillow basic clean
Deep clean with Vella
Bathroom mirror cleaning

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Cleaning with Care

Care. For our customers, their loved ones, the experience we provide, and the housekeepers that provide it. Care is what makes it all happen.

A Gift that Sparkles

Treat your loved ones to the joy of a pristine and refreshed home. A thoughtful present that shows you care, perfect for any occasion.

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What makes a Vella
clean special?

With diligent attention to detail and a meticulous personal touch, you’ve never experienced a clean quite like Vella. Learn more about what makes the Vella way different and the woman who inspired it all.

What makes a Vella clean special

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