Easy Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Home & Keep It Tidy

Easy Cleaning Tips To Refresh Your Home

Cleaning a home isn’t really a difficult chore. But it certainly eats up a good chunk of your time. And that’s something each one of us wants more – more time to spend with family; more time for self-care; more time to relax. 

This is where our home tricks and tips can help. Let these 6 easy cleaning tips to refresh your home motivate you to declutter and clean up your space:

House Cleaning Tip #1: Perform one task at a time.

The best way to save up more time on cleaning is to perform one task (vacuuming, dusting, mopping) at a time since it is more efficient. Once you have chosen a task, perform the same chore in every room of the house instead of first cleaning the washrooms, bedrooms, halls, and then the kitchen. This way you’ll not only save up more time but will also not feel that you are in a never-ending cleaning cycle – beginning the same chore over and over again.

House Cleaning Tip #2: Declutter before cleaning.  

Decluttering is another one of our favorite easy cleaning tips to refresh your home.  It saves you time since you won’t be trying to perform both tasks simultaneously. 

Plus, performing one task at a time is more efficient. Therefore, always first put away the things to clean in your house where they actually belong before getting your hands dirty with the bigger tasks.

House Cleaning Tip #3: Hand-wash floors only where necessary (and practical).  

The look of a hand-washed floor is indeed hard to top.But let’s face it – it is neither practical nor realistic to get down on your knees and clean the floors of your entire home this way. 

That’s why we suggest you use a standing mop. It will save you time as well as some severe knee/back pain.

There is, however, one space where hand-washing the floor makes sense – the bathroom.

Since there is not much floor, hand-washing the bathroom floor using a rag should not take long. 

In addition, this way you can also make sure that all the tight nooks and crannies (such as the sides of the sink and toilet) are fully scrubbed.

House Cleaning Tip #4: Have cleaning supplies and tools ready ahead of time.

This is yet another crucial one of our home tricks and tips that can transform the entire way you clean your house. Having non-toxic cleaning supplies and tools ready ahead of time and within your arm’s reach can prevent you from wasting time moving back and forth to the storage area – whether it’s the cabinet under your sink or the basement. 

In addition to this, consider wearing a carpenter’s tool belt or an apron for maximum ease. This will allow you to fill the apron’s pocket with essential cleaning tools and ensure easy access. You can even pour the cleaners/disinfectants into tiny, easy-to-carry refillable bottles.

To save more time and remain organized throughout the cleaning process, you can even place all of these supplies in a bucket or caddy.

House Cleaning Tip #5: Design a cleaning system.  

You will be pleasantly surprised to know how much cleaning time you can save by designing and following a well-thought cleaning system. The purpose of having a cleaning system in place is to help you clean the house in the same order every time. 

For example, start and end at the same area in a room so that you won’t have to waste time unnecessarily rushing back and forth. Remember, the secret to this hack of cutting down on time rests in consistency.

When you perform a task (whether related to cleaning or not) in the exact order, it becomes routine. Following a routine increases efficiency. 

Likewise, when routines are formed for cleaning, they inherently become a better way to tackle the chore since the speed comes from the familiarity of the system instead of hurrying.

House Cleaning Tip #6: Be proactive.

Believe it or not, taking a proactive approach toward cleaning your house can do wonders for you. It will keep corners of your home clean by preventing dirt and grime accumulation. 

Nipping a problem in the bud even before it begins is one of the best home tricks and tips you can follow to keep your house clean.

Last Few Words…

Please note that there are several other easy cleaning tips to refresh your home that can be used to keep it crystal clear. Nonetheless, these 6 home tricks and tips are a good place to start.

We would love to know if this post helped you in any way at all. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you have any foolproof tips under your sleeve. When it comes to house cleaning, we know there’s always more to add!

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