Cleaning Habits To Keep A Tidy House: 7 Best Cleaning And Organizing Tips 

Best Cleaning And Organizing Tips

Keeping up with your daily chores can be a bummer, but it doesn’t have to consume all of your free time. 

Staying organized and creating good habits can help you clean both more efficiently and effectively. By focusing on these two things, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters. 

If you’ve fallen behind on your cleaning routine, we’re here to help. As professional house cleaners, we know a thing or two about cleaning and organizing a happy home. In this article, we’ll go over some key habits you can build to get back on track.

But before we do that, let’s answer a few critical questions that will help make our suggestions of good cleaning habits stick.

What Makes a House Tidy?

A tidy house is characterized by an absence of clutter, clean surfaces, and organized spaces. In a tidy home, each item has its place, and the floors and surfaces are free of dust, dirt, and spills. 

The cleanliness of a home also contributes to its tidiness. Regular cleaning habits, such as sweeping, mopping, and dusting, are essential to maintaining a tidy house. Putting things back where they belong after using them prevents clutter from accumulating, too.

Why Do I Struggle to Keep My House Tidy?

The truth is, only you know the real answer to this question. But generally speaking, keeping a tidy house can feel like an overwhelming task for many people. This is especially the case if you have a busy lifestyle. 

The struggle of how to be tidy often comes from a lack of cleaning habits and organization in the home. When you don’t have a set routine, chores can quickly pile up, making it harder to get your home back in order. Also, without the proper tools or cleaning supplies, even the simplest task can seem daunting.

How Do You Make a Cleaning Habit?

Creating cleaning habits requires a consistent and committed approach to your chores. The first step is to understand the importance of developing such habits. Next, it’s crucial to develop a mindset that embraces these clean habits as part of a fixed schedule – not just something you do when things get messy.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into some specific cleaning habits that can transform your approach to housekeeping. These habits are not just practical tips, but they’re also tried-and-true methods employed by professional house cleaners, like us at Vella. 

So, stay tuned and learn 7 ways to effectively incorporate these cleaning habits into your lifestyle. In doing so, we’re confident you can make your elusive dream of a tidy home a reality.

Tidy House Cleaning Habit #1: Assign Daily Tasks 

Sometimes, the most challenging part of keeping a tidy house is getting started. To overcome this, you can assign yourself a different task each day to minimize this confusion. 

A daily, tidy house cleaning schedule may look something like this: 

  • Monday: Scrub bathrooms 
  • Tuesday: Clean kitchen 
  • Wednesday: Organize the living room 
  • Thursday: Vacuum floors    
  • Friday: Declutter 
  • Saturday: Laundry 
  • Sunday: Dusting 

When you dedicate one hour each day to an assigned task, you can make a significant difference toward creating a tidy house.

Tidy House Cleaning Habit #2: Organize Your Cleaning Supplies 

When cleaning, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where a sponge or cleaning product is. You can avoid this problem by building this next good cleaning habit.

Assemble a caddy that contains your essential cleaning products. Consider adding the following items to your easy-to-find arsenal of products:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths 
  • Mild household cleaner 
  • An abrasive cleaner 
  • Latex or rubber gloves 

Keep in mind that wearing gloves while using harsh cleaning chemicals will protect your hands from dirt and bacteria. Doing so will also prevent them from drying out. It’s a good practice to follow while on your mission to make your home clean and tidy.

Tidy House Cleaning Habit #3: Create Your Routine 

When it comes to building the right cleaning habits, no two households will have the same routine. But professional house cleaners have a systematic way of cleaning to ensure they don’t miss any spots.

That is why one of the best cleaning and organizing tips is to start at the top and work your way down. If you have yet to wipe down the countertops, then there is no point in scrubbing the floors. They’ll only get dirty again from the dust particles and other debris wiped away.   

When you’re dusting, start at the highest point and move downward. This method reduces the number of allergens, improving your indoor air quality.  

Tidy House Cleaning Habit #4: Clean as You Go 

Although it may be challenging some days, one of the best cleaning habits you can build is to clean as you go. 

Don’t let your clean dishes linger in the dishwasher too long. Prevent a clutter of dirty dishes in the sink by putting clean ones away as soon as they are dry. 

Wiping down bathroom mirrors, faucets, and sinks daily will prevent grime from accumulating. These spots and splatter marks are what make your home appear dirty. 

Create the good cleaning habit of making your bed daily before leaving your house. Immediately put clean clothes away to avoid clutter in the corner of your room. 

Tidy House Cleaning Habit #5: Remember the Interior 

A quick cleaning job often means you toss small items into a closet or drawer to get them out of sight. Eventually, these small items turn into a big mess! 

As you complete your daily cleaning tasks, remember to inspect the insides of closets, cabinets, and drawers. Taking a few minutes to rearrange your shoes or place clothes back on the hanger will contribute to an organized, clean home. 

Tidy House Cleaning Habit #6: Have a System for Decluttering

No matter how many clean surfaces it has, a cluttered home will often feel far from tidy. By establishing a system for decluttering, you can maintain a clean and orderly space. 

Start by designating specific spots for commonly misplaced items like keys, mail, or shoes. Regularly review your belongings and donate or dispose of items that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy to your life.

Tidy House Cleaning Habit #7: Set Up “No-Shoes” Policy Indoors

A simple yet impactful habit to cultivate a clean and tidy home is to implement a “no-shoes” policy indoors. Outdoor footwear often carries dirt, bacteria, and other unwanted particles that can quickly dirty your floors. By leaving shoes at the door, you not only maintain cleaner floors but also reduce the frequency of floor cleaning. 

To make this transition smoother for guests and family members, consider setting up a shoe rack or mat near the entrance and offering indoor slippers or socks. Adopting this clean habit helps in maintaining a tidy house environment and prolongs the freshness of your indoor space.

Our Final Tip? Don’t Be Afraid to Hire Help 

Life can get in the way of maintaining a tidy home cleaning schedule. Whether you’re adapting to a significant life change or recovering from an illness, maybe you could use the occasional helping hand. 

If that’s the case, then consider hiring professional house cleaners, like Vella. We can help you get your home clean and tidy on your preferred schedule.
At Vella, our bonded and insured cleaning teams are trained to focus on the details and leave your home dust and germ-free. Call us today or schedule your appointment using our online booking system.